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Wilco Electrical Contracting, Inc, was first incorporated in 1997, and was acquired by Wilco Electrical, LLC and incorporated in Florida in 2007. Much of Wilco’s acquired experience in underground utilities comes because of our history as a Florida Power and Light Contractor (FPL) for over 25 years.  We have completed thousands of small contract jobs for FPL, which do not receive any publicity or recognition.  These projects range from installing underground services to an individual house on our Services Contract (SMO and Ground Strap), to undergrounding major primary and feeder runs through sensitive urban areas on our FPL URD contracts.  The experience gained from consistently working on these projects daily prepares Wilco, and its crews, to manage the larger projects much more efficiently and effectively.


Wilco Electrical, LLC is one of the only FPL contractors that holds an Underground Construction Contract (URD), Services Contract (SMO and Ground Strap), Vault and Duct Bank Contract, Overhead Contract, and a Storm Restoration Contract with FPL.  FPL has shown its confidence in Wilco through diversified project assignments.  Wilco has responded with delivery consistency and dedication to the best outcomes.  Combining all these contracts, which are worked on daily, gives us the unique experiences needed to successfully manage and complete a project such as The City of Destin’s undergrounding project.


Wilco Electrical is also unique in that we self-perform nearly all our work.  By doing so, Wilco is in total control of its projects, and we aren’t surprised by unreliable subcontractors.  Wilco is also in complete control of the quality of our work.  Wilco Electrical and its affiliated companies have over 250 full-time employees and seven yard locations across Florida – Daytona Beach. Cocoa Beach, Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, Royal Palm Beach, Sarasota and Miami, Florida.


So why is Wilco Electrical the best choice?  It is because Wilco has a proven and long record showing our dedication and commitment to each project that we take on, our unmatchable level of knowledge and experience in underground conversion projects, our solid relationship with Florida Power and Light, our skill and experience with working with the residents within an exclusive coastal Florida community, and the outstanding strength of our employees and management character.